Thermal Imaging

Infrared Thermography inspection is a powerful non-contact diagnostic technology that makes visible the heat differences in operating equipment, homes and facilities. Properly trained and supported technicians, called Certified Infrared Thermographers, use infrared Thermography as part of a predictive maintenance program to save remarkable amounts of time and money while increasing home and employee safety.

Applications of Infrared Thermography

  • Electrical Systems - Detect poor connections, short circuits, overloads, load imbalances and faulty, mismatched or improperly installed components in electrical systems.

  • Mechanical Systems - Detect problems in rotating equipment, power transmission, fluid flow and insulation systems.

  • Flat Roofs - Locate water-damaged insulation in insulated roofs.

  • Building Envelopes - Locate energy losses caused by conduction and convection problems.

Infrared Thermography & Infrared Services

  • Residential Infrared Testing for heat loss, termites, mold and water intrusion

  • Commercial/Industrial Infrared Testing

  • Heating Cooling and Insulation

  • Electrical Infrared Testing (High & Low Voltage)

  • Fuse Boxes and Electrical

  • Mechanical Infrared Testing (Motors, Pumps, Bearings)

  • Flat Roof Moisture

  • Insulation, Termites and Structural Testing

  • Refractory Infrared Testing (Boilers, Stoves, Furnaces)


Below are examples pictures of infrared Thermography


This the home before the pictures are taken




This picture shows the heat loss in the home.

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